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Fitness Instructor


Today, fitness in India is a whopping Rs.2,000 crore industry and most fitness centres are swanky studios offering an array of fitness regimes such as aerobics, kickboxing, yoga, dancercise and other workouts with sophisticated machines. Moreover, be it at home or at the fitness centre having a qualified trainer has become the ‘in-thing’.

With thousands of people keen to lose weight and get in shape,fitness training stands for one of the fastest growing careers in thehealth and fitness industry today. 

The demand for professionals like aerobics instructors, yoga instructors and personal and corporate trainers is shooting upwards quite rapidly. 

Gone are the days when only professional athletes  used personal trainers for injury management,  Today people from all strata of life and all age brackets– are taking  assistance and suggestions from personal trainers to facilitate them learn how to exercise, lose weight, maintain all round fitness and adopt an overall healthier lifestyle.

Besides helping the obese and sedentary get into shape, a fitness trainer  instruct or coach groups or individuals in various exercise routines (weights, aerobics, and flexibility training), besides monitoring their progress through scientific tools  such as BMI (body mass index) and cardiovascular levels.

They also give them basic advice on health and nutrition.


Fitness Instructor is one who guides an individual or a group of individuals regarding right exercise regime and techniques in addition to providing guidance for the diet plan.

Various Universities / colleges in the country provide numerous diplomas, certificate, under graduate, post graduate and doctoral programmes in the field of physical education. The candidates, who have pursued any of these courses, can start their career as a fitness instructor. There are a lot of opportunities for them in their own home land and also in various foreign countries.


The candidates who have completed any course in Physical Education can get a lucrative career in various public sector firms. Fitness Instructors have a great demand in numerous government schools, colleges and institutes in the country to train their students. A fitness instructor is responsible for suggesting a suitable exercise plan to a person, telling them about the right techniques for exercising and also providing them detailed diet plans according to the kind of physique the person aspires for. With gaining experience in the field, the fitness instructors can join the national sports team to train the players.

In addition to the public sector, there are also wide job opportunities for the fitness instructors in private sector. They can work in health clubs, gyms, yoga centers, educational institutions, and fitness centre, and so on to train people interested in fitness.

One can also work as personal fitness instructors for film stars and top models. Apart from this, the fitness instructors can also work in various other fields such as sports journalism, sports goods manufacturing & marketing industries, commentator, nutrition specialist, fitness centre director, physical therapist, etc.

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