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M.D. (Biochemistry)(Doctor of Medicine in Biochemistry)

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M.D. (Biochemistry)(Doctor of Medicine in Biochemistry)

3 Years
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M.D. (Biochemistry) Doctor of Medicine in Biochemistry

M.D. Biochemistry or Doctor of Medicine in Biochemistry is a post graduate Biochemistry course. Biochemistry is the study of the structure, composition, and chemical reactions of substances in living systems. Biochemistry emerged as a separate discipline when scientists combined biology with organic, inorganic, or physical chemistry and began to study such topics as how living things obtain energy from food, the chemical basis of heredity, and what fundamental changes occur in disease.

Biochemistry is applied to medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine. In food science, biochemists research ways to develop abundant and inexpensive sources of nutritious foods, determine the chemical composition of foods, and develop methods to extract nutrients from waste products, or invent ways to prolong the shelf life food products. In agriculture, biochemists study the interaction of herbicides with plants. They examine the structure-activity relationships of compounds, determine their ability to inhibit growth, and evaluate the toxicological effects on surrounding life. The duration of the course is three years.

M.D. Biochemistry Eligibility                       

  • BAMS with minimum 55% marks
  • Some reputed colleges and institutes do conduct entrance examination to get admission to Degree course.
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i have completed m.sc bio chemistry but i want study md bio chemistry so what i do

by Prasath, on Mar-07-2015
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