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M.D. (Homoeopathy)(Doctor of Medicine in Homoeopathy)

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M.D. (Homoeopathy)(Doctor of Medicine in Homoeopathy)

3 Years
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M.D. (Homoeopathy)
Doctor of Medicine in Homoeopathy

M.D. Homoeopathy or Doctor of Medicine in Homoeopathy is postgraduate Homoeopathy course. Homoeopathy is a form of alternative medicine which treats disease with small amounts of remedies that trigger the body’s natural system of healing. The duration of Doctor of Medicine in Homoeopathy is three years which includes one year of house job, during which the candidates shall be residents in the campus and shall receive training. The emphasis of the course is on in-service training rather than didactic lectures. The candidate will be required to take part in seminars, group discussions, clinical meetings and journal club. The candidate would also be required to write a thesis or dissertation with detailed commentary which will provide the candidate with necessary background of training in research. M.D. (Hom.) course includes training meant to produce world class professionals, practitioners, researchers and excellent teachers in Homoeopathy.

M.D. Homoeopathy Eligibility

  • The eligibility requirement for M.D. (Hom.) is B.H.M.S. degree.
  • The admission is based on performance at entrance test conducted by various Institutes.

M.D. Homoeopathy Subjects

The following are study related subjects:-

General Subjects: (Common to all branches)

  • Man in Health (Holistic concept).
  • Man in Disease (Holistic concept).
  • History of Medicine, Scientific Methodology, including Research Methodology and Statistics.

Special Subjects:

  • Organon of Medicine and Homoeopathic Philosophy
  • Homoeopathic Materia Medica
  • Repertory
  • Homoeopathic Pharmacy
  • Practice Of Medicine
  • Paediatrics
  • Psychiatry

A candidate for M. D. (Hom.) can opt for one of the Special Subjects as his specialty, at the time of admission and the degree shall be awarded in that specialty.

M.D. Homoeopathy Homoeopathy Specializations

  • M. D. (Hom.) in Materia Medica
  • M. D. (Hom.) in Organon of Medicine & Homoeopathic Philosophy
  • M. D. (Hom.) in Repertory
  • M. D. (Hom.) in Practice of Medicine
  • M. D. (Hom.) in Homoeopathic pharmacy
  • M. D. (Hom.) in Paediatrics
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